Agricola, Georgius, De re metallica, 1912/1950
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he rendered literally. It is a sad commentary on his countrymen that no
correct German translation exists.
The Italian translation is by Michelangelo
Florio, and is by him dedicated to Elizabeth, Queen of England.
The title
page of the first edition is reproduced later on, and the full titles of other
editions are given in the Appendix, together with the author's other works.
The following are the short titles of the various editions of De Re Metallica,
together with the name and place of the publisher:—
De Re Metallíca, Froben .. .. Basel Folio 1556.
De Re Metallíca, Froben .. .. Basel Folio 1561.
De Re Metallíca, Ludwig König Basel Folio 1621.
De Re Metallíca, Emanuel König Basel Folio 1657.
In addition to these, Leupold,21 Schmid,22 and others mention an octavo
edition, without illustrations, Schweinfurt, 1607. We have not been able to
find a copy of this edition, and are not certain of its existence.
The same
catalogues also mention an octavo edition of De Re Metallica, Wittenberg,
1612 or 1614, with notes by Joanne Sigfrido; but we believe this to be a
confusion with Agricola's subsidiary works, which were published at this
time and place, with such notes.
Vom Bergkwerck, Froben, Folio, 1557.
Bergwerck Buch, Sigmundi Feyrabendt, Frankfort-on-Main, folio, 1580.
Bergwerck Buch, Ludwig König, Basel, folio, 1621.
There are other editions than these, mentioned by bibliographers, but we
have been unable to confirm them in any library.
The most reliable
of such bibliographies, that of John Ferguson,23 gives in addition to the
above; Bergwerkbuch, Basel, 1657, folio, and Schweinfurt, 1687, octavo.
L'Arte de Metalli, Froben, Basel, folio, 1563.
So far as we know, De Re Metallíca was never actually published in other
than Latin, German, and Italian.
However, a portion of the accounts of
the firm of Froben were published in 188124, and therein is an entry under
March, 1560, of a sum to one Leodigaris Grymaldo for some other work, and
also for “correction of Agricola's De Re Metallíca in French.” This may
of course, be an error for the Italian edition, which appeared a little later.
There is also mention25 that a manuscript of De Re Metallica in Spanish was

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