Agricola, Georgius, De re metallica, 1912/1950
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              seen in the library of the town of Bejar. </s>
              <s>An interesting note appears in
              the glossary given by Sir John Pettus in his translation of Lazarus Erckern's
              work on assaying. </s>
              <s>He says
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              “but I cannot enlarge my observations upon
              any more words, because the printer calls for what I did write of a metallick
              dictionary, after I first proposed the printing of Erckern, but intending
              within the compass of a year to publish Georgius Agricola,
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              De Re Metallica
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              (being fully translated) in English, and also to add a dictionary to it, I
              shall reserve my remaining essays (if what I have done hitherto be approved)
              till then, and so I proceed in the dictionary.” The translation was never
              published and extensive inquiry in various libraries and among the family
              of Pettus has failed to yield any trace of the manuscript.