Galilei, Galileo, Discourse concerning the natation of bodies, 1663

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And, for ampler confirmation, and clearer explication of this, let us
conſider the preſent Figure, (which if I be not deceived, may ſerve to
detect the errors of ſome Practick Mechanitians, who upon a falſe founda­
tion ſome times attempt impoſſible enterprizes,) in which, unto the large
Veſſell E I D F, the narrow Funnell or Pipe I C A B is continued, and ſup­
poſe water infuſed into them, unto the Levell L G H, which water ſhall
reſt in this poſition, not without admiration in ſome, who cannot conceive

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[Figure 7]

how it can be, that the heavie charge of the great
Maſs of water G D, preſſing downwards, ſhould
not elevate and repulſe the little quantity of the
other, contained in the Funnell or Pipe C L, by
which the deſcent of it is reſisted and hindered:
But ſuch wonder ſhall ceaſe, if we begin to ſuppoſe
the water G D to be abaſed only to Q D, and
ſhall afterwards conſider, what the water C L
hath done, which to give place to the other, which
is deſcended from the Levell G H, to the Levell
Q O, ſhall of neceſſity have aſcended in the ſame
time, from the Levell Lunto A B.
And the
aſcent L B, ſhall be ſo much greater than the de­
ſcent G Q, by how much the breadth of the Veſſell
G D, is greater than that of the Funnell I C;
which, in ſumme, is as much as the water G D,
is more than the water L C: but in regard that the Moment of the Velocity
of the Motion, in one Moveable, compenſates that of the Gravity of ano­
ther, what wonder is it, if the ſwift aſcent of the leſſer Water C L, ſhall
reſiſt the ſlow deſcent of the greater G D?
The ſame, therefore, happens in this operation, as in the Stilliard,
in which a weight of two pounds counterpoyſeth an other of 200,
asoften as that ſhall move in the ſame time, a ſpace 100 times great­
er than this: which falleth out when one Arme of the Beam is an

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