Galilei, Galileo, The systems of the world, 1661

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on the contrary reclines from its former poſition gr. 47. and in­
clineth towards the oppoſite part, ſo that to reſtore the ſame in­
clination of the ſaid Pole A towards the Sun, it would be requi­
ſite by turning round the Terreſtrial Globe, according to the
circumference A C B D, to tranſport it towards E thoſe ſame
gr. 47. and for ſo many degrees, any whatſoever fixed ſtar ob­
ſerved in the Meridian, would appear to be elevated, or inclined.
Let us come now to the explanation of that which remains, and
let us conſider the Earth placed in the fourth Figure, that is,
with its centre in the firſt point of Libra; upon which the Sun
will appear in the beginning of Aries.
And becauſe the Axis of

Figure: /permanent/archimedes/galil_syste_065_en_1661/065-01-figures/065.01.369.1.jpg not scanned
[Figure 21]

the Earth, which in the firſt Figure is ſuppoſed to be inclined up­
on the diameter Capricorn Cancer, and therefore to be in that
ſame plane, which cutting the plane of the grand Orb, accor­
ding to the line Capricorn Cancer, was erected perpendicularly
upon the ſame, tranſpoſed into the fourth Figure, and maintai­
ned, as hath alwayes been ſaid, parallel to it ſelf, it ſhall come
to be in a plane in like manner erected to the ſuperficies of
the Grand Orbe, and parallel to the plane, which at right
angles cuts the ſame ſuperficies, according to the diameter Ca­
pricorn Cancer.
And therefore the line which goeth from
the centre of the Sunne to the centre of the Earth, that is,
O Libra, ſhall be perpendicular to the Axis BA: but the
ſame line which goeth from the centre of the Sunne to the
centre of the Earth, is alſo alwayes perpendicular to the

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