Galilei, Galileo, The systems of the world, 1661
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Ptolomey and Copernicus were they that have had the honour to
ſee fartheſt into, and diſcourſe moſt profoundly of the Worlds
Syſteme. About the Works of which famous Men theſe Dia­
lous being chiefly converſant, I conceived it my duty to De­
dicate them only to Your Highneſs. For laying all the weight
upon theſe two, whom I hold to be the Ableſt Wits that
have left us their Works upon theſe Subjects; to avoid a Sole­
ciſmein Manners, I was obliged to addreſs them to Him, who
with me, is the Greateſt of all Men, from whom they can re­
ceive either Glory or Patrociny.
And if theſe two perſons
have ſo farre illuminated my Underſtanding as that this my
Book may in a great part be confeſſed to belong to them, well
may it alſo be acknowledged to belong to Your Highneſs, unto
whoſe Bounteous Magnificence I owe the time and leaſure I
had to write it, as alſo unto Your Powerful Aſſiſtance, (never
weary of honouring me) the means that at length I have had
to publiſh it.
May Your Highneſs therefore be pleaſed to accept
of it according to Your accuſtomed Goodneſs; and if any
thing ſhall be found therein, that may be ſubſervient towards
the information or ſatisfaction of thoſe that are Lovers of
Truth; let them acknowledge it to be due to Your Self, who are
ſo expert in doing good, that Your Happy Dominion cannot
ſhew the man that is concerned in any of thoſe general Cala­
mities that diſturb the World; ſo that Praying for Your Proſpe­
rity, and continuance in this Your Pious and Laudable Cu­
ſtome, I humbly kiſs Your Hands;

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