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Object: ECHO_collection

Properties (tab: Main Config):

A name to identify the object consisting only of characters that are allowed in URLs.
Notice: Appears only when you create the Object.

The title of the object.
Notice: Please, don't use umlauts at the moment. In future it will be possible.

The lable is a short form of the title. It appears in the "SideNavigationBar".

ImageTag (optional)
If a path to an image is given, the image in stead of the Label is displayed.
Notice: Only used for "TopNavElements".

Weight for sorting
If in the object above there is defined sortfield: weight, then here you can specify the sortorder by defining a weight (1, 2 ...). The smallest number appears on the top of the list.
Notice: If you have more than nine objects, use 01, 02 ... 99

Description of the group.

Defines the sortfield of the Objects below.
Notice: If you choose "weight", please remember to define the field "Weight for sorting" in the objects contained in this one.


Responsible (optional)
The person who is responsible for this collection.
Notice: For internal use only.

Secondary Link (optional)
Link of the graphical overview.
Notice: Only used for "TopNavElements.

Title of Secondary Link (optional)
Title of the link of the graphical overview.
Notice: Only used for "TopNavElements.

Background color (optional)
Defines the background color of the next level.
Notice: Don't change this for "TopNavElements.

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