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Add an image or a pdf-file

To add an image or a pdf-file,
  1. go to the folder, to which the image/pdf shall belong; if it shall be accessable from more than one folder, go up to the first shared folder.
  2. if a folder named "images" already exists go there, otherwise create one

  3. go to the pull-down menu in the right upper corner
  4. choose "image"
  5. fill in the property fields

    A name to identify the object consisting only of characters that are allowed in URLs.
    Notice: Appears only when you create the Object.

    The title of the image/pdf.
    Notice: Please, don't use umlauts at the moment. In future it will be possible.

    Choose the image/pdf-file you want to be uploaded.

    Notice: If you don't fill in the field ID, then the id will be the name of the uploaded image.

  6. press the button "add".
How to use
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