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How to use


Individual Sites

Create an individual site

To create an individual site, do the following:
  1. go to the folder, to which the new side shall belong
  2. go to the pull-down menu in the right upper corner
  3. choose ECHO_pageTemplate
  4. fill in the property fields

    A name to identify the object consisting only of characters that are allowed in URLs.

    Title (optional)
    The Title of the template.
    Notice: If it's filled in, the label of the template appears in the "sideNavigationBar".

    Label (optional)
    The lable is a short form of the title.

    Weight (optional)
    If in the object above there is defined sortfield: weight, then here you can specify the sortorder by defining a weight (1, 2 ...). The smallest number appears on the top of the list.
    Notice: If you have more than nine objects, use 01, 02 ... 99

    Content Type (optional)

    File (optional)
    For uploading an already existing html-file, press "Browse..." and choose a file.

  5. press the button "add"
  6. now you can link to this page by using the ID
Notice: By setting ID: index.html, you can create an index page, which is used instead of the "main_index_template".

Change properties

To change the ID of the template, select the checkbox of the document and press the button "rename".
Attention: if you have linked to this page, you have to change the links, too.

To change the title select the document, change the title and press "Save Changes".

Label, Weight, Content Type
To change these properties, choose the document and go to the tab "Weight and Type".

How to use
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