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For more information about what to do with a ECHO_pageTemplate and how to create, see here.

A name to identify the object consisting only of characters that are allowed in URLs.

Title (optional)
The Title of the template.
Notice: If it's filled in, the label of the template appears in the "sideNavigationBar".
Tab: Edit

Label (optional)
The lable is a short form of the title.
Tab: Weight and Type

Weight (optional)
If in the object above there is defined sortfield: weight, then here you can specify the sortorder by defining a weight (1, 2 ...). The smallest number appears on the top of the list.
Notice: If you have more than nine objects, use 01, 02 ... 99
Tab: Weight and Type

Content Type (optional)
Tab: Weight and Type

File (optional)
For uploading an already existing html-file, press "Browse..." and choose a file.

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