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Individual startpages for resources

1. Create an individual startpage

To create an individual site, do the following:
  1. go to the resources, which shall have a individual startpage
  2. go to the pull-down menu in the right upper corner
  3. choose ECHO_layoutTemplate and then startpage_index_template
  4. press the button "add"
  5. change the template
Notice: If you put the startpage_index_template on an higher level, all resources after that have this startpage, except the ones which have an own startpage_index_template.

If you want to have a table of contents, create an pageTemplate and write the table of contents. This Template has to be named toc_html! Put the template into the resource it belongs to even though the startpage_index_template is on an higher level. This let you have only one startpage_index_template for a whole collection.

2. Use the individual startpage

To use the individual startpage, do the following:
  1. go to the resource, where it shall be used
  2. go to the tab "set/change startpage"
  3. select "Klick here for the generic automatically generated version"
  4. Submit Query

You can use a external website as startpage. To do this, specify the path of the website in the provided field.

How to use
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