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Add a supporting institution to a resource

1. Add a new institution

If the institution already exists, continue below (2. Assign an institution to a resource). To add a new institution, go to "/echo_nav/echo_pages/institutions" and create an ECHO_institution object.
Fill in the property fields:

A name to identify the object consisting only of characters that are allowed in URLs.

The Name of the Institution.

URL (e.g. Homepage)
A link to the homepage of the institution or another URL. If an URL is given, the name will be a link when it is shown on the ECHO website.

Name of the director of the institution.

Email adress for contacting.

The country the institution belongs to.

The logo of the Instiution
Notice: The logo should have an height of about 50px.

2. Assign an institution to a resource

To assign an institution to a resource, do the following:
  1. go to the collection or resource the institution shall be assigned to.
    If the supporting institution shall be assigned to all resource go to the collection, otherwise go to the resource.
  2. create a new ECHO_support object. In general don't change the id.
  3. select the supporting institution from the list. If you added a new institution before, the institution should now appear in the list.
  4. Add.
Now, the supporting institution should appear below the resource.
How to use
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