Wilkins, John, A discovery of a new world : or a discourse tending to prove, that 'tis probable there may be another Habitable World in the Moon ; with a discourse concerning the Probability of a Passage thither; unto which is added, a discourse concerning a New Planet, tending to prove, that 'tis probable our earth is one of the Planets

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        <div xml:id="echoid-div315" type="section" level="1" n="64">
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5055" xml:space="preserve">
              <pb o="154" file="0334" n="334" rhead="That the Earth may be a Planet."/>
            bigneſs of the Orbs, and the time of their
            Motions: </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5056" xml:space="preserve">For then, next to the Sun, or
            Centre, there will be the Sphere of Mercu-
            ry; </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5057" xml:space="preserve">which as it is but narrow in its Diame-
            ter, ſo likewiſe is it quick in its Motion,
            running its Courſe in eighty eight days:
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5058" xml:space="preserve">Venus, that is next unto it, in 224 days: </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5059" xml:space="preserve">
            The Earth in 365 days, or a Year: </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5060" xml:space="preserve">Mars
            in 687 days: </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5061" xml:space="preserve">Jupiter in 4332 days: </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5062" xml:space="preserve">Saturn
            in 10759 days. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5063" xml:space="preserve">Thus likewiſe is it with
            thoſe Medicean Stars that encompaſs Jupi-
            ter. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5064" xml:space="preserve">That which is loweſt amongſt them,
            finiſhes his Courſe in two and twenty hours; </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5065" xml:space="preserve">
            the next in three days and an half; </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5066" xml:space="preserve">the third
            in ſeven days; </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5067" xml:space="preserve">and the fartheſt in ſeventeen
            days. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5068" xml:space="preserve">Now as it is (according to Ariſto-
            tle’s conſeſſion) more likely that Nature
            ſhould obſerve ſuch a due proportion betwixt
            the Heavenly Orbs; </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5069" xml:space="preserve">ſo is it more probable,
            that the Earth ſhould move, rather than the
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5070" xml:space="preserve"/>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5071" xml:space="preserve">Arg. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5072" xml:space="preserve">5. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5073" xml:space="preserve">This may likewiſe be confirmed
            from the appearance of Comets: </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5074" xml:space="preserve">Concern-
            ing which, there are three things common-
            ly granted; </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5075" xml:space="preserve">or if they were not, might be
            eaſily proved: </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5076" xml:space="preserve">namely,</s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5077" xml:space="preserve">1. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5078" xml:space="preserve">That there are divers Comets in the
            Air, betwixt the Moon and our Earth.</s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5079" xml:space="preserve"/>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5080" xml:space="preserve">2. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5081" xml:space="preserve">That many of theſe Comets do ſeem
            to riſe and ſet as the Stars.</s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5082" xml:space="preserve"/>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5083" xml:space="preserve">3. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5084" xml:space="preserve">That this appearing Motion is not pro-
            perly their own, but communicated unto
            them from ſomewhat elſe.</s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5085" xml:space="preserve"/>