Wilkins, John, A discovery of a new world : or a discourse tending to prove, that 'tis probable there may be another Habitable World in the Moon ; with a discourse concerning the Probability of a Passage thither; unto which is added, a discourse concerning a New Planet, tending to prove, that 'tis probable our earth is one of the Planets

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        <div xml:id="echoid-div249" type="section" level="1" n="58">
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3508" xml:space="preserve">
              <pb o="64" file="0244" n="244" rhead="That the Earth may be a Planet."/>
            this opinion were Clemens
              <note symbol="a)" position="left" xlink:label="note-0244-01" xlink:href="note-0244-01a" xml:space="preserve">Recog. S</note>
            Athanaſius, Hillary,
              <note symbol="b)" position="left" xlink:label="note-0244-02" xlink:href="note-0244-02a" xml:space="preserve">Orat.
              cont. I do-
            and others. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3509" xml:space="preserve">So that it ſeems, if a Man
            ſhould reſolutely adhere to the bare words
              <note symbol="c)" position="left" xlink:label="note-0244-03" xlink:href="note-0244-03a" xml:space="preserve">In pſal.
              136. 6.</note>
            of the Scripture, he might find contradi-
              <note symbol="d)" position="left" xlink:label="note-0244-04" xlink:href="note-0244-04a" xml:space="preserve">In pſ.
            ction in it: </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3510" xml:space="preserve">of which, the natural meaning
            is altogether incapable. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3511" xml:space="preserve"> S. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3512" xml:space="preserve">Jerome tells
              <note symbol="*" position="left" xlink:label="note-0244-05" xlink:href="note-0244-05a" xml:space="preserve">Commen.
              in Iſa. l. 13</note>
            of ſome who would prove Stars to have
            underſtanding, from that place in Iſa. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3513" xml:space="preserve">45.
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3514" xml:space="preserve">12. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3515" xml:space="preserve">My hands have ſtretched out the Heavens,
            and all their Hoaſt have I commanded. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3516" xml:space="preserve">Now
            (ſay they) none but intelligent Creatures are
            capable of Precepts; </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3517" xml:space="preserve">and therefore, the
            Stars muſt needs have rational Souls. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3518" xml:space="preserve">Of
            this opinion was Philo the Jew: </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3519" xml:space="preserve">nay,
              <note symbol="*" position="left" xlink:label="note-0244-06" xlink:href="note-0244-06a" xml:space="preserve">De plant.
            ny of the Rabbies conclude, that they do
            every hour ſing praiſes unto God, with an
              <note position="left" xlink:label="note-0244-07" xlink:href="note-0244-07a" xml:space="preserve">Toſtatus
              in Joſb.
              c. 10 queſt.
              13, 14.</note>
            audible real Voice. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3520" xml:space="preserve">But of that in Job 38.
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3521" xml:space="preserve">7. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3522" xml:space="preserve">which ſpeaks of the Morning Stars ſing-
            ing together. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3523" xml:space="preserve">And Pſal. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3524" xml:space="preserve">19. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3525" xml:space="preserve">3, 4. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3526" xml:space="preserve">where ’tis
            faid of the Heavens, that there is no ſpeech
            nor language where their Voice is not heard, and
            their words are gone to the ends of the World. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3527" xml:space="preserve">
            And whereas we tranſlate that place in the
            tenth of Joſhua, concerning the ſtanding ſtill
            of the Heavens; </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3528" xml:space="preserve">the original word, םרר,
            does properly ſignify Silence; </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3529" xml:space="preserve">and according
            to their opinion, Joſhua did only bid them
            hold their peace. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3530" xml:space="preserve">From ſuch grounds, ’tis
            likely did Origen fetch his Opinion,
              <note symbol="*" position="left" xlink:label="note-0244-08" xlink:href="note-0244-08a" xml:space="preserve">Tom. 1.
              in Joban.</note>
            the Stars ſhould be ſaved. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s3531" xml:space="preserve">I might ſet down
            many other the like Inſtances, were it not
            for being already weary of raking into the
            Errors of Antiquity, or uncovering </s>