Salusbury, Thomas, Mathematical collections and translations (Tome I), 1667

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1alledged. For theſe birds which at their pleaſure flie
wards and backwards, and wind to and again in a thouſand
faſhions, and, which more importeth, lie whole hours upon the
wing, theſe I ſay do not a little poſe me, nor do I ſee, how
mongſt ſo many circumgyrations, they ſhould not loſe the motion
of the Earth, and how they ſhould be able to keep pace with
ſo great a velocity as that which they ſo far exceed with their flight.
SALV. To ſpeak the truth, your ſcruple is not without reaſon,
and its poſſible Copernicus himſelf could not find an anſwer for it,
that was to himſelf entirely ſatisfactory; and therefore haply paſt
it over in ſilence albeit he was, indeed, very brief in examining
the other allegations of his adverſaries, I believe through his
height of wit, placed on greater aud ſublimer contemplations,
like as Lions are not much moved at the barking of little Dogs.
We will therefore reſerve the inſtance of birds to the laſt place,
and for the preſent, ſee if we can give Simplicius ſatisfaction in
the others, by ſhewing him in our wonted manner, that he
ſelf hath their anſwers at hand, though upon firſt thoughts he doth
not diſcover them.
And to begin with the ſhots made at randome,
with the ſelf ſame piece, powder, and ball, the one towards the Eaſt,
the other towards the Weſt, let him tell me what it is that perſwades
him to think that the Range towards the Weſt (if the diurnal
verſion belonged to the Earth) ought to be much longer than that
towards the
The reaſon why
a Gun ſhould ſiem
to carry farther
wards the Weſt
than towards the
SIMP. I am moved ſo to think; becauſe in the ſhot made
wards the Eaſt, the ball whil'ſt it is out of the piece, is
ed by the ſaid piece, the which being carried round by the Earth,
runneth alſo with much velocity towards the ſame part,
upon the fall of the ball to the ground, cometh to be but little
diſtant from the piece.
On the contrary in the ſhot towards the
Weſt, before that the ball falleth to the ground, the piece is
tired very far towards the Eaſt, by which means the ſpace
tween the ball and the piece, that is Range, will appear longer
than the other, by how much the piece, that is the Earth, had
run in the time that both the bals were in the air.
SALV. I could wiſh, that we did know ſome way to make an
experiment correſponding to the motion of theſe projects, as that
of the ſhip doth to the motion of things perpendicularly falling
from on high; and I am thinking how it may be done.
The experiment
of a running
riot to find out the
difference of
SAGR. I believe, that it would be a very oppoſite proof, to
take an open Chariot, and to accomodate therein a ^{*}Stock-bow
at half elevation, to the end the flight may prove the greateſt

that my be, and whil'ſt the horſes ſhall run, to ſhoot firſt towards
the part whither you drive, and then another backwards towards
the contrary part, cauſing ſome one to mark diligently where
the Chariot was in that moment f time when the ſhaft came to

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