Salusbury, Thomas, Mathematical collections and translations (Tome I), 1667

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              <s>For if A be the Center of the Earth,
                <figure id="id.040.01.1018.1.jpg" xlink:href="040/01/1018/1.jpg" number="221"/>
              and A N B C D the Spiral Line, having
              drawn the Right Lines A B, A D, and the
              like, there is the ſame proportion betwixt
              the Curved Line A N B and the Right Line
              AB, as is betwixt the Curved Line A N B C,
              and the Right Line A C; or betwixt
              A N B C D and A D: and ſo of the
            <p type="main">
              <s>And if one draw the Tangents D E, C F,
              and B G, the Angles A D E, A C F, A B G, &c.
              <s>ſhall be equal. </s>
              <s>As for the reſt I will, &c.----</s>
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              <s>Reverend Father,</s>
            <p type="main">
              <s>Your very humble Servant</s>
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