Agricola, Georg, De re metallica Libri XII, Quibus Officia, Instrumenta, Machinae, ac omnia ..., 1556

Table of figures

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          <chap id="N10018">
            <table id="N27EEA">
              <pb xlink:href="001/01/558.jpg"/>
              <row id="N2886A">
                <cell id="N2886B">Cuniculi quot & quales in uenas a­gantur</cell>
                <cell id="N2886D">84 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2886F">
                <cell id="N28870">Cuniculorum altitudo
                  <expan abbr="quãta">quanta</expan>
                <cell id="N28876">103 m.</cell>
              <row id="N28878">
                <cell id="N28879">Cuniculorum conſideratio</cell>
                <cell id="N2887B">60 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2887D">
                <cell id="N2887E">Cuniculorum halitus uiroſi quomodo expellantur</cell>
                <cell id="N28880">81 p.</cell>
              <row id="N28882">
                <cell id="N28883">
                  <expan abbr="Cuniculorũ">Cuniculorum</expan>
                  <expan abbr="quõ">quom</expan>
                <cell id="N2888C">64 m</cell>
              <row id="N2888E">
                <cell id="N2888F">Cuniculorum partitio</cell>
                <cell id="N28891">62 m.</cell>
              <row id="N28893">
                <cell id="N28894">Cuniculorum per alias fodinas acto rum iura</cell>
                <cell id="N28896">61 p.</cell>
              <row id="N28898">
                <cell id="N28899">Cunicul. cur
                  <expan abbr="metiãtur">metiantur</expan>
                  <expan abbr="mẽſores">menſores</expan>
                <cell id="N288A3">205 p.</cell>
              <row id="N288A5">
                <cell id="N288A6">Cuniculorum uſus</cell>
                <cell id="N288A8">81 m. 82 m.</cell>
              <row id="N288AA">
                <cell id="N288AB">Cuparum in quas ſalſæ aſportantur deſcriptio</cell>
                <cell id="N288AD">446 p.</cell>
              <row id="N288AF">
                <cell id="N288B0">Curuaturæ
                  <foreign lang="el">a)/yides</foreign>
                dictæ græcis</cell>
                <cell id="N288B6">112 m.</cell>
              <row id="N288B8">
                <cell id="N288B9">Curuaturæ rotæ quid</cell>
                <cell id="N288BB">119 m.</cell>
              <row id="N288BD">
                <cell id="N288BE">Cypria metalla</cell>
                <cell id="N288C0">453 f.</cell>
              <row id="N288C2">
                <cell id="N288C3">D</cell>
                <cell id="N288C5"/>
              <row id="N288C6">
                <cell id="N288C7">Dæmonum genus metallicis
                  <expan abbr="infeſtũ">infeſtum</expan>
                <cell id="N288CD">173 f. 174 p.</cell>
              <row id="N288CF">
                <cell id="N288D0">Decumani officium</cell>
                <cell id="N288D2">68 m. 69 p.</cell>
              <row id="N288D4">
                <cell id="N288D5">Demenſum metallicum</cell>
                <cell id="N288D7">55 m.</cell>
              <row id="N288D9">
                <cell id="N288DA">Dentes mobiles quid efficiat</cell>
                <cell id="N288DC">344 f.</cell>
              <row id="N288DE">
                <cell id="N288DF">Dentes pilorum 140 m. ſucularum ibidem</cell>
                <cell id="N288E1"/>
              <row id="N288E2">
                <cell id="N288E3">Dentes tympani</cell>
                <cell id="N288E5">120 m.</cell>
              <row id="N288E7">
                <cell id="N288E8">Deſcenſus uarij in cuniculos</cell>
                <cell id="N288EA">171 p.</cell>
              <row id="N288EC">
                <cell id="N288ED">Diameter quid</cell>
                <cell id="N288EF">36 f.</cell>
              <row id="N288F1">
                <cell id="N288F2">Diebus anniuerſarijs operarios non laborare</cell>
                <cell id="N288F4">150 m.</cell>
              <row id="N288F6">
                <cell id="N288F7">Diebus quibus laborent aut ferien­tur metallici</cell>
                <cell id="N288F9">70 p.</cell>
              <row id="N288FB">
                <cell id="N288FC">Diebus ſingulis quid agat magiſter metallicorum</cell>
                <cell id="N288FE">66 m.</cell>
              <row id="N28900">
                <cell id="N28901">
                  <expan abbr="Dilutũ">Dilutum</expan>
                aluminoſum unde fiat</cell>
                <cell id="N28906">456 m</cell>
              <row id="N28908">
                <cell id="N28909">Dilutum & lixiuium ex quibus ſal
                  <expan abbr="cõficitur">conficitur</expan>
                  <expan abbr="differãt">differant</expan>
                <cell id="N28913">451 m</cell>
              <row id="N28915">
                <cell id="N28916">Dilutum ex quo fit
                  <expan abbr="halinitrũ">halinitrum</expan>
                <cell id="N2891C">454 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2891E">
                <cell id="N2891F">Dilutum, ex quo nitrum conficitur, quale</cell>
                <cell id="N28921">453 f.</cell>
              <row id="N28923">
                <cell id="N28924">Dilutum, ex quo fit ſal, quomodo conficiatur</cell>
                <cell id="N28926">451 m.</cell>
              <row id="N28928">
                <cell id="N28929">Dilutum ſalſum materia ſalis</cell>
                <cell id="N2892B">439 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2892D">
                <cell id="N2892E">Dippoldeſualdi fodinæ</cell>
                <cell id="N28930">246 p.</cell>
              <row id="N28932">
                <cell id="N28933">Diodorus Siculus</cell>
                <cell id="N28935">25 m.</cell>
              <row id="N28937">
                <cell id="N28938">Diſcretores unde nomen ſuum inue nerint</cell>
                <cell id="N2893A">210 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2893C">
                <cell id="N2893D">Domicilium in quo uenæ
                  <expan abbr="excoquũ­tur">excoquun­tur</expan>
                <cell id="N28943">285 m.</cell>
              <row id="N28945">
                <cell id="N28946">Domini locorum conſiderandi</cell>
                <cell id="N28948">23 m</cell>
              <row id="N2894A">
                <cell id="N2894B">Drachma quantum pondus</cell>
                <cell id="N2894D">205 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2894F">
                <cell id="N28950">Duellæ quale ponderum genus ueteribus</cell>
                <cell id="N28952">199 p.</cell>
              <row id="N28954">
                <cell id="N28955">Duûmuiros ſymbolis quoque
                  <expan abbr="indicẽ­dis">indicen­dis</expan>
                <cell id="N2895B">17 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2895D">
                <cell id="N2895E">E</cell>
                <cell id="N28960"/>
              <row id="N28961">
                <cell id="N28962">Eifalia regio Germaniæ</cell>
                <cell id="N28964">212 m.</cell>
              <row id="N28966">
                <cell id="N28967">Eifaliæ fodinæ</cell>
                <cell id="N28969">212 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2896B">
                <cell id="N2896C">Eislebij fodinæ</cell>
                <cell id="N2896E">218 p.</cell>
              <row id="N28970">
                <cell id="N28971">Elementorum quatuor in excoquen dis uenis quanta ratio habenda</cell>
                <cell id="N28973">309 m.</cell>
              <row id="N28975">
                <cell id="N28976">Equi clitellarij</cell>
                <cell id="N28978">327 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2897A">
                <cell id="N2897B">Eteſiæ uenti</cell>
                <cell id="N2897D">38 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2897F">
                <cell id="N28980">Eurus uentus</cell>
                <cell id="N28982">38 p.</cell>
              <row id="N28984">
                <cell id="N28985">Euronotus uentus</cell>
                <cell id="N28987">eo.</cell>
              <row id="N28989">
                <cell id="N2898A">Excoctio metallorum quid</cell>
                <cell id="N2898C">285 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2898E">
                <cell id="N2898F">Excoctionis metallorum conſidera­tio</cell>
                <cell id="N28991">285 p.</cell>
              <row id="N28993">
                <cell id="N28994">Excoctiones uenarum quid ab expe rimentis differant</cell>
                <cell id="N28996">175 m.</cell>
              <row id="N28998">
                <cell id="N28999">Excoctionis uenarum ordo</cell>
                <cell id="N2899B">308 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2899D">
                <cell id="N2899E">Excoctionum uaria genera eſſe</cell>
                <cell id="N289A0">1 m.</cell>
              <row id="N289A2">
                <cell id="N289A3">Excoctores præſtantiſſimi quinam habeantur</cell>
                <cell id="N289A5">309 m</cell>
              <row id="N289A7">
                <cell id="N289A8">Excoctorum inſtrumenta</cell>
                <cell id="N289AA">308 p.</cell>
              <row id="N289AC">
                <cell id="N289AD">Excoctorum ſolertia & peritia</cell>
                <cell id="N289AF">318 f.</cell>
              <row id="N289B1">
                <cell id="N289B2">Excoquendi artem metallicorum eſ­ſe</cell>
                <cell id="N289B4">1 m</cell>
              <row id="N289B6">
                <cell id="N289B7">Excoquendarum
                  <expan abbr="uenarũ">uenarum</expan>
                artifex qua lis eſſe debet</cell>
                <cell id="N289BD">175 f.</cell>
              <row id="N289BF">
                <cell id="N289C0">Experimenta uenarum quid ab excoctionibus differant</cell>
                <cell id="N289C2">175 m.</cell>
              <row id="N289C4">
                <cell id="N289C5">Extructiones ſimilimæ his quæ conficiuntur ſupra moletrinas</cell>
                <cell id="N289C7">252 f.</cell>
              <row id="N289C9">
                <cell id="N289CA">F</cell>
                <cell id="N289CC"/>
              <row id="N289CD">
                <cell id="N289CE">Fabricius Luſcinus auri contem­ptor</cell>
                <cell id="N289D0">6 p. 11 m.</cell>
              <row id="N289D2">
                <cell id="N289D3">Fannius</cell>
                <cell id="N289D5">199 p.</cell>