Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660

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15[Figure 5]
A Summary of the chief Matters treated
of in this Epiſtolical Diſcourſe.
THe Proæmium, wherein is ſet down the
occaſion of this Diſcourſe, 1. The mo­
tives that induc'd the Author thereunto, 2 &c.
The hints he received, 5. The things where­
in this Engine excels any that have yet been
made uſe of, 6 &c. The deſcription of the
Engine and its parts, 8 &c. The way of pre­
paring and uſing it, 15 &c. The diviſion of
the Experiments tryable thereby into two
ſorts, and the difficulty of excluding the
Air. 18 &c.
The firſt Experiment, touching the man­
ner of pumping out the Air, and by what de­
grees the Receiver is emptyed, 20, &c. A di­
greſsion touching the Spring or Elaſtical
power of the Air, with an attempt for a Me­
chanical Explication thereof, neceſſary to be
premiſ'd for the explanation of the Phæno­
mena, exhibited in this and the ſubſequent
Experiments. 22 &c.
The ſecond Experiment, touching the preſ­
ſure of the Air againſt the ſides of the Bodies
it invirons, 37 &c. with a digreſsive Ex­
plication of the preſſure of the Air included
within an ambient Body. 39 &c.

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