Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660

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The 34th Experiment, containing ſeveral
attempts for the weighing of light Bodies in
the exhauſted Receiver. 258 &c.
The 35th Experiment, touching the cauſe
of Filtration, and the riſing of Water in
Siphons, 262 &c. A relation of a new
kinde of Siphon, of the Authors, upon
the occaſion of trying the Experiment
lately obſerv'd by ſome French-men, and fur­
ther improv'd by himſelf; and ſome conje­
ctures touching the cauſe of the exhibited
267 &c.
The 36th Experiment, touching the weigh­
ing of a parcel of Air in the exhauſted Veſ­
ſel; and ſome other Obſervations for the ex­
plication thereof, 272 &c. An accidental
Experiment, tending to the further confir­
mation of the Authors Reflections upon the
firſt Experiment; with a digreſsive Obſer­
vation, noting the ſubtil penetrancy of ſome
Spirits, to exceed by far that of the Air, 275
&c. And ſome other Experiments to ſhew the
difficulty of the ingreſs of the Air into the
pores or holes of ſome bodies into which Wa­
ter will readily inſinuate it ſelf, 279 &c. with
a conjecture at the cauſe thereof, 282. The
Author returns to the proſecution if the in­
quiry after the gravity of the Air: But firſt,
(upon the occaſion of the tenacity of a thin

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