Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660

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1ſome noiſe among the Virtuoſi (inſomuch
that ſome of them have been ſent into Fo­
reign Countries, where they have had the
luck not to be deſpiſ'd) I could not without
quite tyring more then one Amanuenſis, give
out half as many Copies of them as were ſo
earneſtly deſired, that I could not civilly
refuſe them.
The other, That intelligent
Perſons in matters of this kinde perſwaded
me, that the publication of what I had ob­
ſerv'd touching the Nature of the Air,
would not be uſeleſs to the World; and that
in an Age ſo taken with Novelties as is ours,
theſe new Experiments would be grateful to
the Lovers of free and real Learning: So
that I might at once comply with my grand
Deſign of promoting Experimental and
Uſeful Philoſophy, and obtain the great ſa­
tisfaction of giving ſome to ingenious Men;
the hope of which, is, I confeſs, a tempta­
tion that I cannot caſily reſiſt.
Of my being ſomewhat prolix in many
of my Experiments, I have theſe Reaſons
to render, That ſome of them being altoge­
ther new, ſeem'd to need the being circum­
ſtantially related, to keep the Reader from
diſtruſting them: That divers Circum­
ſtances I did here and there ſet down for fear
of forgetting them, when I may hereafter

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