Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660

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The tenth Experiment, touching the fla­
ming of Candles incloſed in the Receiver. 74 &c.
The eleventh Expertment, touching the
burning of Coals, 78. And the laſting of
the excandeſcence of an included piece of I­
ron. 80.
The twelfth Experiment concerning the
burning of Match. 82
The thirteenth Experiment, concerning
the further proſecution of the preceding,
tending to prove the extinction of the Fire
in the former Experiments, not to have
proceeded from the preſſure of the Fire by the
Fumes, 84. Some remarkable Circumſtan­
ces of it, 86. The Experiment of Match
try'd in a ſmall Receiver. 87
The fourteenth Experiment, touching the
ſtriking Fire, and kindling of Powder with
the Lock of a Piſtol in the evacuated Recei­
ver. 88 &c.
The fifteenth Experiment, touching the
unſucceſsfulneſs of kindling included Bo­
dies with a burning Glaſs, and the Au­
thors intention to proſecute it further. 102
The ſixteenth Experiment, concerning the
operation of the Loadſtone. 105, &c.

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