Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660

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1deed intelligent and conſiderate, are wont to
imploy more wary and diffident Expreſsi­
ons, or (as he ſpeaks) σιφέαδ ἀεὶ τὸ ς,
τὸ τὰχα.
There are divers Reflections, and other
Paſſages in the following Epiſtle, and even
ſome Experiments (occaſionally mention'd)
which may ſeem either impertinent or ſu­
perfluous, but are not ſo: Being purpoſely
written, either to evince ſome truth oppoſ'd,
or diſprove ſome erroneous conceit main­
tain'd, by ſome eminent New Philoſopher,
or by ſome other Ingenious Men, who, I
preſum'd, would eaſily forgive me the ha­
ving on ſuch occaſions purpoſely omitted
their Names; though an inquiſitive Perſon
will probably diſcover divers of them, by
the mention of the Opinions diſprov'd in
the Experiments I am excuſing.
Ever ſince I diſcern'd the uſefulneſs
of ſpeculative Geometry to Natural Phi­
loſophy, the unhappy Diſtempers of my Eyes,
have ſo far kept me from being much con­
verſant in it, that I fear I ſhall need the par­
doz of my Mathematical Readers, for ſome
Paſſages, which if I had been deeply skill'd
in Geometry, I ſhould have treated more ac­

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