Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660

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1Ingenious men; ſo, if I have not been
much flattered, I may hope that the vari­
ous hints to be met with in the following
Letter, will (at leaſt) ſomewhat awaken
mens thoughts, & excite them to new ſpecula­
tions (ſuch as perhaps even inquiſitive men
would ſcarce elſe light upon) and I need not
deſpair, that even the examination of ſuch
new Suſpicions and Enquiries will hence al­
ſo, at leaſt Occaſionally be facilitated: I
ſaid Occaſionally, becauſe it being, as 'tis
proverbially ſaid, Facile Inventis addere.
It ſeems not irrational to expect, that our
Engine it ſelf, and divers of our Experi­
ments, will be much promoted by the Indu­
ſtry of Inventive and Mathematical Wits,
whoſe contrivances may eaſily either correct
or ſupply, and conſequently ſurpaſs many of
thoſe we have made uſe of.
And, particu­
larly, if Men by skill and patience can ar­
rive both to evacuate ſuch Receivers as
ours, till there be no more Air left in them,
then there ſeems to have remain'd in the
Glaſſes made uſe of about the Magdebur­
gick Experiment (hereafter to be mention­
ed) and to keep out the Air for a competent
while, the Uſefulneſs and Diſcoveries of our
Engine, will not be a little advanc'd.
perhaps that may belong to it, which I re-

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