Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660

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1Bubble of Glaſs) ſets down his thoughts con­
cerning the ſtrange exuperancy of ſtrength
in Air, agitated by heat, above what the
ſame has unagitated, 283 &c. And then pro­
ceeds to the examination of the weight of the
Air by an Æolipile, and compares the reſult
thereof, with that of Merſennus, 286. The
Opinions and Experiments of divers Au­
thors, and ſome of his own, touching the
proportion of weight betwixt Water and Air,
are compar'd and examin'd by the Author,
288. The reſult thereof, 290. Merſennus
his obſervation reconcil'd, with that of the
Author; and the proportion between the gra­
vity of Water and Air about London, 291
&c. After the recital of the Opinions of ſe­
veral Writers, touching the proportion of
gravity between Water and Quick-ſilver,
the Author ſets down his own tryals, made
ſeveral ways, together with his concluſion
therefrom, 293 &c. The uſe he makes of this
inquiry for the gheſsing at the height of the
Atmoſphere, 297. What other Experiments
are requiſite to the determination thereof.
299 &c.
The 37th Experiment, touching the ſtrange
and odde Phænomenon, of the ſudden flaſh­
es of light in the cavity of the Receiver; the
ſeveral circumſtances and difficulties of it,

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