Agricola, Georg, De re metallica Libri XII, Quibus Officia, Instrumenta, Machinae, ac omnia ..., 1556

Table of figures

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          <chap id="N10018">
            <table id="N2A71E">
              <row id="N2AA32">
                <cell id="N2AA35">
                  <pb xlink:href="001/01/582.jpg"/>
                486 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AA3B">
                <cell id="N2AA3C">Hydros</cell>
                <cell id="N2AA3E">497 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AA40">
                <cell id="N2AA41">I</cell>
                <cell id="N2AA43"/>
              <row id="N2AA44">
                <cell id="N2AA45">Iaculus ſerpens</cell>
                <cell id="N2AA47">498 m</cell>
              <row id="N2AA49">
                <cell id="N2AA4A">Ibex</cell>
                <cell id="N2AA4C">485 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AA4E">
                <cell id="N2AA4F">Ibis Ægyptia 499 p. in Alpibus ui­ſa</cell>
                <cell id="N2AA51">480 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AA53">
                <cell id="N2AA54">Ichneumon crocodilo inimicus 495 f. 496 p. aſpidi</cell>
                <cell id="N2AA56">497 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AA58">
                <cell id="N2AA59">
                  <foreign lang="el">*iktssos</foreign>
                <cell id="N2AA5F">481 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AA61">
                <cell id="N2AA62">
                  <foreign lang="el">*ikps</foreign>
                muſtelæ genus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AA68">489 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AA6A">
                <cell id="N2AA6B">
                  <foreign lang="el">*ikpdos</foreign>
                  <expan abbr="prouerbiũ">prouerbium</expan>
                apud Ger­manos in uiliſſimum & maxime fœditum ſcortum</cell>
                <cell id="N2AA75">eo. f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AA77">
                <cell id="N2AA78">K</cell>
                <cell id="N2AA7A"/>
              <row id="N2AA7B">
                <cell id="N2AA7C">
                  <foreign lang="el">*kalami/tk</foreign>
                <cell id="N2AA82">495 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AA84">
                <cell id="N2AA85">
                  <foreign lang="el">*kamyi/ouros</foreign>
                , Latinis ſciurus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AA8B">487 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AA8D">
                <cell id="N2AA8E">
                  <foreign lang="el">*kikkaban_</foreign>
                , ſonus quem ululæ edunt</cell>
                <cell id="N2AA94">486 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AA96">
                <cell id="N2AA97">
                  <foreign lang="el">*ko/balsi</foreign>
                , dæmones hominum imita­tores</cell>
                <cell id="N2AA9D">502 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AA9F">
                <cell id="N2AAA0">
                  <foreign lang="el">*ku/yelsi</foreign>
                , quæ &
                  <foreign lang="el">a)/podes)</foreign>
                <cell id="N2AAAA">494 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AAAC">
                <cell id="N2AAAD">L</cell>
                <cell id="N2AAAF"/>
              <row id="N2AAB0">
                <cell id="N2AAB1">Lacerta Chalcidica quæ & ſeps</cell>
                <cell id="N2AAB3">492</cell>
              <row id="N2AAB5">
                <cell id="N2AAB6">Lacerta hybernis menſibus in terra latet</cell>
                <cell id="N2AAB8">eo.</cell>
              <row id="N2AABA">
                <cell id="N2AABB">Lacerta à ſtellione quomodo diffe­rat</cell>
                <cell id="N2AABD">493 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AABF">
                <cell id="N2AAC0">Lacerta aquatilis</cell>
                <cell id="N2AAC2">492 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AAC4">
                <cell id="N2AAC5">Lacerta uiridis</cell>
                <cell id="N2AAC7">eo.</cell>
              <row id="N2AAC9">
                <cell id="N2AACA">Lagopus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AACC">485 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AACE">
                <cell id="N2AACF">Lepus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AAD1">eo. p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AAD3">
                <cell id="N2AAD4">Locuſtæ in Pannonias,
                  <expan abbr="Daciã">Daciam</expan>
                & Lygios proximis annis inuolarunt</cell>
                <cell id="N2AADA">480 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AADC">
                <cell id="N2AADD">Lubeci bona pars uulgi ſub terra ha­bitat</cell>
                <cell id="N2AADF">483 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AAE1">
                <cell id="N2AAE2">Lucanus reprehenſus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AAE4">497 p. 498 m. 499 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AAE6">
                <cell id="N2AAE7">Lumbrici</cell>
                <cell id="N2AAE9">499 f. 500 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AAEB">
                <cell id="N2AAEC">Lupus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AAEE">485 p</cell>
              <row id="N2AAF0">
                <cell id="N2AAF1">Lupus ceruarius</cell>
                <cell id="N2AAF3">eo.</cell>
              <row id="N2AAF5">
                <cell id="N2AAF6">Lutra, & eius deſcriptio</cell>
                <cell id="N2AAF8">483 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AAFA">
                <cell id="N2AAFB"/>
                <cell id="N2AAFC">484 p. m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AAFE">
                <cell id="N2AAFF">M</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB01"/>
              <row id="N2AB02">
                <cell id="N2AB03">Martialis</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB05">488 p. 490 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB07">
                <cell id="N2AB08">Meles</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB0A">483 m. f. 485 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB0C">
                <cell id="N2AB0D">caninus ſuillus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB0F">485 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB11">
                <cell id="N2AB12">Melia</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB14">eo. m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB16">
                <cell id="N2AB17">Mergus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB19">481 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB1B">
                <cell id="N2AB1C">Merulæ</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB1E">eo. f. 494 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB20">
                <cell id="N2AB21">Merula piſcis</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB23">494 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB25">
                <cell id="N2AB26">
                  <foreign lang="el">*mo/lgk</foreign>
                Græco nomine Germanis, quæ ſalamandra</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB2C">493 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB2E">
                <cell id="N2AB2F">
                  <foreign lang="el">*molsu/rides)</foreign>
                <cell id="N2AB35">495 f</cell>
              <row id="N2AB37">
                <cell id="N2AB38">Multipeda & millipeda, quæ & ſco­lopendra</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB3A">494 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB3C">
                <cell id="N2AB3D">Murena hybernis menſibus ſe con­dit</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB3F">eo. m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB41">
                <cell id="N2AB42">Mus Alpinus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB44">486 f. 487 p. & inde</cell>
              <row id="N2AB46">
                <cell id="N2AB47">Mus aquatilis</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB49">496 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB4B">
                <cell id="N2AB4C">Mus araneus, qui &
                  <foreign lang="el">muga/lk</foreign>
                <cell id="N2AB52">489 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB54">
                <cell id="N2AB55">Mus Laſſicius</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB57">488 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB59">
                <cell id="N2AB5A">Mus Noricus, qui citellus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB5C">488 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB5E">
                <cell id="N2AB5F">Mus Pannonicus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB61">eo.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB63">
                <cell id="N2AB64">Mus Ponticus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB66">481 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB68">
                <cell id="N2AB69">
                  <foreign lang="el">*mu_s ski/ouros</foreign>
                <cell id="N2AB6F">487 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB71">
                <cell id="N2AB72">Mus ſylueſtris</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB74">488 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB76">
                <cell id="N2AB77">Mus ſubterraneus, qui & agreſtis</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB79">500 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB7B">
                <cell id="N2AB7C">Muſtela quæ proprie
                  <foreign lang="el">ga/lh</foreign>
                489 m. quæ
                  <foreign lang="el">i
                ibid. m. quæ martes ibi dem f. quæ Germanis zobela</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB88">490 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB8A">
                <cell id="N2AB8B">Muſtelarum uirus baſiliſco exitio</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB8D">498 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB8F">
                <cell id="N2AB90">N</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB92"/>
              <row id="N2AB93">
                <cell id="N2AB94">Natrix hyeme in caua terræ ingredi­tur</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB96">497 p. eius genera ibid.</cell>
              <row id="N2AB98">
                <cell id="N2AB99">Nicander</cell>
                <cell id="N2AB9B">493 m. 495 f. 496. f. 497 f. </cell>