Wilkins, John, A discovery of a new world : or a discourse tending to prove, that 'tis probable there may be another Habitable World in the Moon ; with a discourse concerning the Probability of a Passage thither; unto which is added, a discourse concerning a New Planet, tending to prove, that 'tis probable our earth is one of the Planets

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24060That the Earth may be a Planet. ſcatter them aſunder; which Opinion, to-
gether with both its Reaſons, are now ac-
counted abſurd and ridiculous.
S. Auſtin concludes the viſible Stars 11DeCivit.
Dei, 1. 16.
c. 23.
be innumerable, becauſe Scripture-phraſes
ſeem to imply as much.
That the Heavens are not round, was the
opinion of Juſtin Martyr, 22Re-
ſpon. ad
queſt. 93.
Chryſoſtom, Theodoret, 44Homil.
14. in Ep.
ad Hebr.
55In ca.
8. Hebr.
66In i-
dem c.
doubted of by S. Auſtin, and 77 In
Gen. ad
lit. l 1 c.9.
Item 1. 2.
c. 6.
vers others.
Nay, S. Chryſoſtom was ſo con-
fident of it, that he propoſes the queſtion
in a triumphant manner:
Π{οῦ} έι{οι}ν όι σφαι{ρω}
{ει}δῆ {οὐ}{ρα}νὸν {ἐι}ναὶ ἀ{πο}φαινό{μεν}οι.
are thoſe Men that can prove the Heavens to
have a ſphærical Form?
The reaſon of
which was this, Becauſe ’tis ſaid in one
Scripture, that God ſtretched forth the Hea-
vens as a Curtain, Pſal.
104. 2. and ſpreadeth
them as a Tent to dwell in, Iſa.
40. 22. And
ſo in Heb.
8. 2. they are called a Tent or Ta-
which becauſe it is not ſphærical,
therefore they conclude alſo, that the Hea-
vens are not of that form;
whereas now,
the contrary is as evident as Demonſtration
can make a thing.
And therefore, S. 88Lib. 3.
in Gal. 5.
rome in his time, ſpeaking of the ſame Er-
ror, gives it this plain cenſure;
Eſt in Ec-
cleſia ſtultiloquium, ſi quis Cœlum putet for-
nicis modo curvatum, Eſaiæ quem non intelligit
ſermone decept{us}:
’Tis fooliſh ſpeaking in the
Church, if any, through miſapprehenſion
of thoſe words in Iſaiah, ſhall affirm the
Heavens not to be round.

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