Wilkins, John, A discovery of a new world : or a discourse tending to prove, that 'tis probable there may be another Habitable World in the Moon ; with a discourse concerning the Probability of a Passage thither; unto which is added, a discourse concerning a New Planet, tending to prove, that 'tis probable our earth is one of the Planets
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20727That the Earth may be a Planet. of ignorant People, as if it took reſt all the
while it was abſent from us, and came out
of its Chamber, when it aroſe.
And rejoiceth as a Gyant to run his Race; be-
cauſe in the morning it appears bigger than
at other times;
and therefore in reference
to this appearance, may then be compared
unto a Giant.
His going forth is from the end of Heaven,
and his Circuit unto the ends of it.
again unto the opinion of the Vulgar:
not apprehending the roundneſs of the Hea-
vens, do conceive it to have two ends;
where the Sun riſeth, the other where it
And there is nothing bid from the heat there-
ſpeaking ſtill in reference to the com-
mon miſtake, as if the Sun were actually
hot in it ſelf;
and as if the heat of the
Weather were not generated by reflection,
but did immediately proceed from the body
of the Sun.
So likewiſe, for that in Eccleſiaſtes, where
’tis ſaid, The Sun riſeth, and the Sun goeth
down, &
c. Which phraſes being properly
underſtood, do import, that he is ſometimes
in a higher place than at others:
as, in a circumference, there is no place
higher or lower, each part being at the ſame
diſtance from the Centre, which is the bot-
But now underſtand the phraſe in
reference to the Sun's appearance, and then
we grant that he does ſeem ſometimes to
riſe, and ſometimes to go down,

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