Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660
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1time, perceiving by Letters from ſome
other Ingenious Perſons at Paris, that ſe­
veral of the Virtuoſi there, were very
intent upon the examination of the Inte­
reſt of the Ayr, in hindring the deſcent
of the Quick-ſilver, in the famous Expe­
riment touching a Vacuum: I thought I
could not comply with your Deſires in a
more fit and ſeaſonable manner, then by
proſecuting and endeavoring to promote
that noble Experiment of Torricellius:
and by preſenting your Lordſhip an ac­
count of my attempts to illuſtrate a ſub­
ject, about which, it's being ſo much diſ­
courſ'd of where you are, together with
your inbred Curioſity, and love of Ex­
perimental Learning, made me ſuppoſe
you ſufficiently inquiſitive.
And though I pretend not to acquaint
you, on this occaſion, with any ſtore of
new Diſcoveries yet poſſibly I ſhall be ſo
happy, as to aſſiſt you to know ſomethings
which you did formerly but ſuppoſe; and
ſhall preſent you, if not with new Theo­
ries, at leaſt with new Proofs of ſuch as
are not yet become unqueſtionable.
if what I ſhall deliver, have the good for­
tune to encourage and aſſiſt you to proſe­
cute the Hints it will afford, I ſhall ac-

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