Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660
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The ſeventeenth Experiment, touching the
gradual deſcent of the Quick-ſilver in the
Torricellian Experiment, 106 &c. Some
obſervable Circumſtances concerning it,
112 &c. The ſame Experiment try'd in
one of the ſmall Receivers, 115. How
this Experiment may be made uſe of to know
the ſtrength of the preſſure of the Air for
every degree of Rarefaction, 116 &c. The
tryal of the ſame Experiment in a Tube not
two foot long, 118. The raiſing of the Mer­
curial Cylinder, by the forcing of more Air
into the Receiver, 119. Some Allegations
for and againſt a Vacuum conſider'd, 120
&c. Some Advertiſements concerning the
inconveniencies that may ariſe from the di­
verſity of meaſures made uſe of for the defi­
ning the Altitute of the Mercurial Cylinder;
and from the neglect of little parcels of Air
apt to remain between the Mercury and the
concave ſurface of the Tube, 123 &c. Some
Expedients for the more exact filling the
Tube, 127. The height the Author once found
of the Mercurial Cylinder, according to En­
gliſh meaſure. 128.
The eighteenth Experiment, containing
a new Obſervation touching the variation
of the height of the Mercurial Cylinder in
the ſame Tube, with an oſſer at the reaſon

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