Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660
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1vals, or the abſence of the Corrector, gave
me the leiſure to exſpaciate upon ſome ſub­
ject; yet being oftentimes call'd upon to diſ­
patch the Papers to the Preſs, my promiſe,
and many unexpected Avocations, obliged
me to a haſte, which, though it have detract­
ed nothing from the Faithfulneſs of the
Hiſtorical part of our Book, has (I fear)
been diſadvantageous enough to all the reſt.
And I made the leſs ſcruple to let the fol­
lowing Papers paſs out of my hands, with
all their Imperfections; becauſe, as the
publick Affairs, and my own, were then
circumſtanc'd, I knew not when (if at all)
I ſhould be again in a condition to proſecute
Experiments of this kinde; eſpecially,
ſince (to omit my being almoſt weary of be­
ing, as it were, confin'd to one ſort of Ex­
periments) I am pre-ingag'd (if it pleaſe
God to vouchſafe me Life and Health) to
imploy my firſt leiſure in the publication of
ſome other Phyſiological Papers, which I
thought 'twould make me much the ſitter to
take in hand, if I firſt diſpatch'd all that
I had at this time to write touching our
I have this further to adde, by way
of Excuſe, That as it has been my deſign
in publiſhing theſe Experiments to gratifie

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