Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660
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But as to this particular (give
me leave to uſe Words from a
Story) Since the Mountain
cannot come to Mahomet,
Mahomet will go to the
Mountain: I mean thus;
Becauſe many witty Men, Per­
ſons of Honor and Eſtate eſpe­
cially, may be ſuppoſ'd to be a­
ble to make a better account, by
employing their Studies and
Time on Matter then Words,
and ſo are juſtly impeded from
learning Languages; And be­
cauſe (as I may judge) the no­
ble Author is willing to oblige all
Men, He has already provi­
ded, that this piece ſhall ſhort­
ly be done into Latine, that ſo

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