Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660
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1thoſe betwixt whom there is an Affinity in
Nature (by belonging to one ſubject) are not
always plac'd one by another, but they are
not ſtill ſet down ſo much as in the order
wherein they were made; but moſt common­
ly in that caſual one wherein my occaſions in­
duc'd me to diſpatch them to the Preſs.
which is worſe, I did uſually ſend quite a­
way the former Experiments, before the
later were written, or perhaps ſo much as
made: Whereby I loſt the advantage of cor­
recting and ſupplying the Imperfections of
what I had formerly written, by the light of
my ſubſequent Tryals and Diſcoveries.
Beſides all this, the diſtemper in my eyes
forbidding me not onely to write my ſelf ſo
much as one Experiment, but even to read
over my ſelf what I dictated to others.
I can­
not but fear, that beſides the Authors miſtakes,
this Edition may be blemiſh'd by many, that
may be properly imputed to a very unskil­
ful Writer (whom I was often times by haſte
reduc'd againſt my cuſtom to imploy) and
may have eſcaped the Diligence of that
Learned Friend, that does me the favor to
over-ſee the Preſs; eſpecially there being
the diſtance of two days Fourney betwixt it
and me.
I need not perhaps repreſent to the equi-

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