Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660
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1table Reader, how much the ſtrange Confu­
ſions of this unhappy Nation, in the midſt
of which I have made and written theſe
Experiments, are apt to diſturb that calm­
neſs of Minde, and undiſtractedncſs of
Thoughts, that are wont to be requiſite to
Happy Speculations.
But I preſume,
that by all theſe things put together, he
will readily perceive, That I have been
ſo far from following the Poets prudent
Counſel touching the ſlow Publication of
Books deſign'd to purchaſe credit by,
—— Nonumque prematur in Annum
that I ſuffer this Treatiſe to come abroad
into the World with a multitude of Diſad­
But if it be demanded, why then I did
not make it fitter for the Preſs before I ſent
it thither?
my Anſwer muſt be, That not
at firſt imagining that this ſort of Experi­
ments would prove any thing near ſo trouble­
ſome, either to make, or to Record, as I
afterwards found them, I did, to engage
the Printer to diſpatch, promiſe him to ſend
him the whole Epiſtle in a very ſhort time:
So that although now and then the occaſional
vacations of the Preſs, by reaſon of Feſti-

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