Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660
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The third Experiment, touching the
force requiſite to draw down the Sucker, 42
&c. The Opinion of an eminent Modern
Naturaliſt examin'd. 44 &c.
The fourth Experiment, touching the
ſwelling of a Bladder; with the degrees by
which it increaſes, 45 &c. Another Opini­
on of a Learned Author examin'd. 48 &c.
The fifth Experiment, touching the break­
ing of a Bladder in the Receiver, 49 &c.
And of another by heat. 52
The ſixth Experiment, of divers ways by
which the elaſtical expanſion of the Air
was meaſur'd. 52 &c
The ſeventh Experiment, touching what
Figure does beſt reſiſt the preſſure of the Air. 62 &c.
The eighth Experiment, tending to a fur­
ther Demonſtration of the former, from the
breaking of glaſs a Helmet inward. 64 &c.
The ninth Experiment, contains a fur­
ther confirmation from the breaking of a
Glaſs outward, 66 &c. with an Experiment to
prove, that theſe Phænomena proceed not
from an invincible Fuga vacui 69. A de­
ſcription of other ſmall Receivers, and their
Conveniencies, 70 &c. A Receipt for the
making of a Compoſition to Cement crackt
Glaſſes. 73

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