Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660
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The 30 Experiment, concerning the na­
ture of a fluid Body, illuſtrated by the exam­
ple of ſmoak which in ſeveral circumſtances
ſeems very much to reſemble the property of a
fluid Body, 224 &c. A conjecture of the
cauſe of the Suns undulation. 228
The 31 Experiment, concerning the Phæ­
nomena of two flat Marbles exactly plain'd
and wrought together, and the true reaſon
thereof, 229. The Authors intention for the
further proſecution thereof, & what hindred
him; the reaſon why the under Marble did
not fal from the upper (being onely conjoynd
with Spirit of Wine) when the Receiver was
And a notable relation concern­
ing the coheſion of flat Bodies. 231 &c.
The 32 Experiment, touching the forcible
preſſure of the Air againſt the outward ſu­
perficies of a Valve, faſten'd upon the ſtop­
cock of the Receiver.
The Diameter of it,
and the weight it ſuſtain'd. 233 &c.
The 33 experiment, touching the great preſ­
ſure of the Air againſt the under ſuperficies
of the Sucker, 236 &c. what weight was re­
quiſite to depreſs it, & what weight it would
lift and carry up with it, 239 &c. what im­
provement & uſe there may be made of this
experiment, 242. A Diſcourſe touching the
nature of Suction, proving that fuga vacui
is not the adequate cauſe thereof. 243 &c.

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