Wilkins, John, A discovery of a new world : or a discourse tending to prove, that 'tis probable there may be another Habitable World in the Moon ; with a discourse concerning the Probability of a Passage thither; unto which is added, a discourse concerning a New Planet, tending to prove, that 'tis probable our earth is one of the Planets

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[Item 1.]
[2.] Ex Libris James S. Dearden Rampside
[4.] In Two Parts.
[5.] The Fifth Edition Corrected and Amended. LONDON,
[6.] The Epiſtle to the READER.
[7.] The Propoſitions that are proved in this Diſcourſe. PROPOSITION I.
[8.] PROP. II.
[9.] PROP. III.
[10.] PROP. IV.
[11.] PROP. V.
[12.] PROP. VI.
[13.] PROP. VII.
[14.] PROP. VIII.
[15.] PROP. IX.
[16.] PROP. X.
[17.] PROP. XI.
[18.] PROP. XII.
[19.] PROP. XIII.
[20.] PROP. XIV.
[21.] The Firſt Book. That the MOON May be a WORLD. The Firſt Propoſition, by way of Preface.
[22.] Sed vanus ſtolidis hæc omnia finxerit Error.
[23.] Solis lunæq; labores.
[24.] Cum fruſtra reſonant æra auxiliaria Lunæ.
[25.] Una laboranti poterit ſuccerrere Lunæ.
[26.] Gantus & è cælo poſſunt deducere Lunam.
[27.] Cantus & ſi curru lunam deducere tentant, Et facerent, ſi non æra repulſa ſonant.
[28.] PROP. II. That a Plurality of Worlds doth not contradict any Principle of Reaſon or Faith.
[29.] Æſtuas infelix auguſto limite mundi.
[30.] PROP. III. That the Heavens do not conſiſt of any ſuch pure Matter, which can priviledge them from the like Change and Corruption, as theſe Inferiour, Bodies are liable unto.
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9The Epiſtle to the Reader. etb that which is Weighty and Solid.
It is my Deſire, that by the Occaſion of this
Diſcourſe, I may raiſe up ſome more Active
Spirit to ſearch after other hidden and un-
known Truths.
Since it muſt needs be a great
Impediment unto the Growth of Sciences, for
Men ſtill ſoto Plod on upon beaten Principles,
as to be afraid of entertaining any thing that
may ſeem to contradict them.
An unwilling-
neſs to take ſuch things into Examinati-
on, is one of thoſe Errours of Learning in
theſe times obſerved by the judicions Veru-
Lueſtionleſs, there are many ſeeret
Truths, which the Ancients have paſſed
over, that are yet left to make ſome of our
Age Famous for their Diſcovery.
If by this Occaſion I may provoke any Rea-
der to an Attempt of this Nature, I ſhall
think my ſelf Happy, and this Work Succeſs-

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