Wilkins, John, A discovery of a new world : or a discourse tending to prove, that 'tis probable there may be another Habitable World in the Moon ; with a discourse concerning the Probability of a Passage thither; unto which is added, a discourse concerning a New Planet, tending to prove, that 'tis probable our earth is one of the Planets

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    <echo version="1.0RC">
      <text xml:lang="en" type="free">
        <div xml:id="echoid-div329" type="section" level="1" n="65">
          <pb o="165" file="0345" n="345" rhead="That the Earth may be a Planet."/>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5230" xml:space="preserve">Suppoſe the Earth to be at C, then the
            Sun at A, will ſeem to be in the Sign ♋, and
            at the greateſt diſtance from us, becauſe the
            Earth is then in the fartheſt parts of its Ec-
            centrick. </s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5231" xml:space="preserve">When after, by its Annual Moti-
            on, it hath paſſed ſucceſſively by the Signs
            ♒ ♓ ♈ ♉ ♊, at length it comes to the other
            Solſtice at B, where the Sun will appear in ♑,
            and ſeem biggeſt, as being in its Perigie, be-
            cauſe our Earth is then in the neareſt part of
            its Eccentrick.</s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5232" xml:space="preserve"/>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5233" xml:space="preserve">As for all other Appearances of the Sun,
            which concern the Annual Motion, you may
            ſee by the following Figure, that they are
            exactly agreeable to this Hypotheſis.</s>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5234" xml:space="preserve"/>
          <figure number="15">
            <image file="0345-01" xlink:href="http://echo.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de/zogilib?fn=/permanent/library/xxxxxxxx/figures/0345-01"/>
            <s xml:id="echoid-s5235" xml:space="preserve">Where you have the Earth deſcribed </s>