Agricola, Georg, De re metallica Libri XII, Quibus Officia, Instrumenta, Machinae, ac omnia ..., 1556

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          <chap id="N10018">
            <table id="N2A71E">
              <row id="N2AB98">
                <cell id="N2AB9B">
                  <pb xlink:href="001/01/583.jpg"/>
                498 m. reprehenſus 496 m</cell>
              <row id="N2ABA1">
                <cell id="N2ABA2">Nitedula</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABA4">500 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABA6">
                <cell id="N2ABA7">Noerza</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABA9">490 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABAB">
                <cell id="N2ABAC">Noctua</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABAE">485 f. 486 p. 494 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABB0">
                <cell id="N2ABB1">Noctuarum genera</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABB3">486 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABB5">
                <cell id="N2ABB6">Nycticorax</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABB8">485 f. 486 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABBA">
                <cell id="N2ABBB">O</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABBD"/>
              <row id="N2ABBE">
                <cell id="N2ABBF">Olores</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABC1">481 p</cell>
              <row id="N2ABC3">
                <cell id="N2ABC4">Onocrotalus</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABC6">eo. m</cell>
              <row id="N2ABC8">
                <cell id="N2ABC9">Opianus</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABCB">478 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABCD">
                <cell id="N2ABCE">Orphus piſcis hybernis menſibus ſe condit</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABD0">494 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABD2">
                <cell id="N2ABD3">Ouidius</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABD5">eo.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABD7">
                <cell id="N2ABD8">Oua ſerpentium in ignem coniecta flammam reſtinguere</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABDA">495 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABDC">
                <cell id="N2ABDD">P</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABDF"/>
              <row id="N2ABE0">
                <cell id="N2ABE1">Palumbes</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABE3">481 f. 494 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABE5">
                <cell id="N2ABE6">Pecten</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABE8">494 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABEA">
                <cell id="N2ABEB">Perca</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABED">eo.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABEF">
                <cell id="N2ABF0">Perdix</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABF2">481 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABF4">
                <cell id="N2ABF5">
                  <expan abbr="Perſarũ">Perſarum</expan>
                reges hyberno tempore Ba­bylone, uerno Suſis, æſtiuo in Ec­batanis degebant</cell>
                <cell id="N2ABFA">480 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2ABFC">
                <cell id="N2ABFD">
                  <foreign lang="el">*ruri/fr<25>os</foreign>
                <cell id="N2AC03">500 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC05">
                <cell id="N2AC06">
                  <foreign lang="el">*fr<25>os</foreign>
                , rana rubeta</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC0C">495 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC0E">
                <cell id="N2AC0F">Picus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC11">481 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC13">
                <cell id="N2AC14">Piſces uitandi caloris & frigoris gratia mutant locum</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC16">eo. m. f</cell>
              <row id="N2AC18">
                <cell id="N2AC19">Piſces foſſiles</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC1B">501 m. f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC1D">
                <cell id="N2AC1E">Platyceros</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC20">485 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC22">
                <cell id="N2AC23">Plinius</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC25">478 m. 480 m. 485 p. 488 m 494 m. 497 m. f. 498 p. f. 499 f. 500 f. 501 p. reprehenſus 495 m. f. 496 m</cell>
              <row id="N2AC27">
                <cell id="N2AC28">Polybius</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC2A">501 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC2C">
                <cell id="N2AC2D">Porphyrius</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC2F">478 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC31">
                <cell id="N2AC32">Porphyrus ſerpens</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC34">498 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC36">
                <cell id="N2AC37">Preſter à dipſade differt</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC39">496 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC3B">
                <cell id="N2AC3C">Preneſtinæ foſſæ</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC3E">483 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC40">
                <cell id="N2AC41">Primadiæ</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC43">494 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC45">
                <cell id="N2AC46">Pſellus</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC48">502 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC4A">
                <cell id="N2AC4B">Pſyllorum olfactu ſerpentes fugan­tur</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC4D">495 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC4F">
                <cell id="N2AC50">Pufhardum</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC52">482 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC54">
                <cell id="N2AC55">Purpura</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC57">494 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC59">
                <cell id="N2AC5A">
                  <foreign lang="el">*ruri/gonoi</foreign>
                , beſtiolæ</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC60">499 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC62">
                <cell id="N2AC63">Q</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC65"/>
              <row id="N2AC66">
                <cell id="N2AC67">Querquedula</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC69">481 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC6B">
                <cell id="N2AC6C">R</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC6E"/>
              <row id="N2AC6F">
                <cell id="N2AC70">Raia</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC72">494 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC74">
                <cell id="N2AC75">Ranarum diuerſa genera</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC77">495 m. f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC79">
                <cell id="N2AC7A">Rana rubeta</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC7C">eo. f.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC7E">
                <cell id="N2AC7F">Rana quæ
                  <foreign lang="el">kalami/tks</foreign>
                <cell id="N2AC85">eo. m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC87">
                <cell id="N2AC88">Ranæ temporariæ</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC8A">eo.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC8C">
                <cell id="N2AC8D">Rana uenenata</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC8F">499 f. 500 p. m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC91">
                <cell id="N2AC92">Renum doloris
                  <expan abbr="medicamẽtũ">medicamentum</expan>
                <cell id="N2AC98">485 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC9A">
                <cell id="N2AC9B">Reineſteinum</cell>
                <cell id="N2AC9D">482 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AC9F">
                <cell id="N2ACA0">Rupicapra</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACA2">485 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2ACA4">
                <cell id="N2ACA5">S</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACA7"/>
              <row id="N2ACA8">
                <cell id="N2ACA9">Sal inimicum lacertæ aquatili</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACAB">492 m</cell>
              <row id="N2ACAD">
                <cell id="N2ACAE">Salamandra, quæ Germanis Græco nomine
                  <foreign lang="el">mo/lgk</foreign>
                <cell id="N2ACB4">493 m. f</cell>
              <row id="N2ACB6">
                <cell id="N2ACB7">Salmo</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACB9">481 m</cell>
              <row id="N2ACBB">
                <cell id="N2ACBC">Scandia</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACBE">480 p. 482 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2ACC0">
                <cell id="N2ACC1">Scarabei rutili</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACC3">493 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2ACC5">
                <cell id="N2ACC6">Scolopendra</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACC8">eo.</cell>
              <row id="N2ACCA">
                <cell id="N2ACCB">
                  <expan abbr="Scricfiñiæ">Scricfinniæ</expan>
                ſylueſtres homines</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACD0">482 m</cell>
              <row id="N2ACD2">
                <cell id="N2ACD3">Scytale</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACD5">496 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2ACD7">
                <cell id="N2ACD8">
                  <foreign lang="el">*ski/ouros</foreign>
                <cell id="N2ACDE">487 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2ACE0">
                <cell id="N2ACE1">Seneca</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACE3">501 f.</cell>
              <row id="N2ACE5">
                <cell id="N2ACE6">Sepedon</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACE8">498 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2ACEA">
                <cell id="N2ACEB">Seps ſeu lacerta Chalcidica</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACED">492 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2ACEF">
                <cell id="N2ACF0">Serpentes hyeme latentes</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACF2">496 p. m.</cell>
              <row id="N2ACF4">
                <cell id="N2ACF5">Serpens Calabricus</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACF7">497 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2ACF9">
                <cell id="N2ACFA">Seruius</cell>
                <cell id="N2ACFC">500 p.</cell>
              <row id="N2ACFE">
                <cell id="N2ACFF">Sorex</cell>
                <cell id="N2AD01">488 m</cell>
              <row id="N2AD03">
                <cell id="N2AD04">Spondylis uermis</cell>
                <cell id="N2AD06">499 f. 500 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AD08">
                <cell id="N2AD09">Stellio</cell>
                <cell id="N2AD0B">493 m.</cell>
              <row id="N2AD0D">
                <cell id="N2AD0E">Sturio</cell>
                <cell id="N2AD10">481 m</cell>