Foscarini, Paolo Antonio, An epistle to fantoni, 1661

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ken in its ſtrict denomination) ought to be in the loweſt part of
the World, and ſince that in a Sphere there is no part lower
then the Centre, Hell ſhall be, as it were, in the Centre of the
World, which being of a Spherical Figure, it muſt follow, that

Hell is either in the Sun (foraſmuch as it is ſuppoſed by this Hy-
potheſis to be in the Centre of the World) or elſe ſuppoſing
that Hell is in the Centre of the Earth, if the Earth ſhould move
about the Sun, it would neceſſarily enſue, that Hell, together
with the Earth, is in Heaven, and with it revolveth about the third
Heaven; than which nothing more abſurd can be ſaid or imagi-
Hell is in the
centre of the
Earth, not of the
The fifth Claſſis, is of thoſe Authorities which alwayes op-

poſe Heaven to the Earth, and ſo again the Earth to Heaven; as
if there were the ſame relation betwixt them, with that of the
Centre to the Circumference, and of the Circumference to the
But if the Earth were in Heaven, it ſhould be on one
ſide thereof, and would not ſtand in the Middle, and conſequent-
ly there would be no ſuch relation betwixt them; which never-
theleſs do, not only in Sacred Writ, but even in Common Speech,
ever and every where anſwer to each other with a mutual Oppo-
Whence that of Geneſ. 1. In the beginning God created
the Heaven and the Earth: and Pſal. 115. The Heaven, even
the Heavens are the Lords; but the Earth hath he given to the
Children of men: and our Saviour in that Prayer which he pre-
ſcribeth to us, Matth. 6. Thy will be done in Earth, as it is in
Heaven: and S. Paul, 1 Corinth. 15. The firſt man is of the
Earth, earthy; the ſecond man is of Heaven, heavenly: and
Coloſſ. 1. By him were all things created that are in Heaven, and
that are in Earth: and again, Having made peace through the
Blood of his Croſſe for all things, whether they be things in Earth
or things in Heaven: and Chap. 3. Set your affections on things
above, not on things on the Earth; with innumerable other ſuch
like places.
Since therefore theſe two Bodies are alwayes mu-
tually oppoſed to each other, and Heaven, without all doubt,
referreth to the Circumference, it muſt of neceſſity follow, that
the Earth is to be adjudged the place of the Centre.
Heaven and
Earth are always
mutually oppoſed
to each other.
The ſixth and laſt Claſſis is of thoſe Authorities, which (being
rather of Fathers and Divines, than of the Sacred Scripture) ſay,
That the Sun, after the day of Judgment ſhall ſtand immoveable

in the Eaſt, and the Moon in the Weſt.
Which Station, if the
Pythagorick Opinion hold true, ought rather to be aſcribed to
the Earth, than to the Sun; for if it be true, that the Earth doth
now move about the Sun, it is neceſſary that after the day of
Judgment it ſhould ſtand immoveable.
And truth is, if it muſt
ſubſiſt without motion in one conſtant place, there is no reaſon

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