Foscarini, Paolo Antonio, An epistle to fantoni, 1661

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and Aſtronomy, (ſounded upon new Principles and Hypotheſe)
ſhould be conſtituted: For the Authority of Sacred Scripture
will not oppoſe it; neither doth one Truth contradict another.
If therefore the Opinion of Pythagoras be true, without doubt
God hath diſpoſed and dictated the words of of Holy Writ in
ſuch a manner, that they may admit an apt ſenſe and reconcilia-
tion with that Hypotheſis.
Being moved by theſe Reaſons, and
the probability of the ſaid Opinion, I thought good to try whe-
ther Texts of Sacred Scripture might be expounded according to
Theological and Phyſical Principles, and might be reconciled to
it, ſo that (in regard that hitherto it hath been held probable) it
may in after times, coming without ſcruple to be acknowledged
for true, advance it ſelf, and appear in publick with an uncover-
ed Face, without any mans prohibition, and may lawfully and
freely hold a Sacred intelligence with Holy Truth, ſo earneſtly
coveted and commended by good Men.
Which deſigne, having hi-

therto been undertaken by none that I know, wil, I am perſwaded,
be very acceptable to the Studious of theſe Learnings, eſpecially to
the moſt Learned Galilœo Galilœi, chief Mathematician to the
moſt Serene Grand Duke of Tuſcany, and John Kepler, chief
Mathematician to his Sacred and invincible Majeſty, the Empe-
rour, and to all that Illuſtrious, and much to be commended Ac-
cademy of the Lynceans; whom, if I miſtake not, are all of this
Although I doubt not but they, and many other
Learned Men might eaſily have found out theſe or the like Re-
conciliations of Scriptural expreſſions; to whom nevertheleſs I
have thought fit (in reſpect of that profeſſion which I have under-
taken, upon the faith of my ſoul, and the propenſity that I have
towards Truth) to offer that of the Poet,
The Author
firſt Theologically
defendeth the
Earths Mobili-
ty, approved by
many of the Mo-
Nullius addictus jur are in verba Magiſtri.
And in teſtimony of my eſteem to them and all the Learned,
to communicate theſe my thoughts; confidently aſſuring my ſelf
that they will accept them, with a Candor equal to that where-
with I have written them.
Therefore to come to the buſineſs: All Authorities of Di-
vine Writ which ſeem to oppoſe this Opinion, are reducible to
ſix Claſſes: The firſt is of thoſe that affirm the Earth to ſtand
ſtill, and not to move: as Pſal. 92. He framed the round World
ſo ſure, that it cannot be moved: Alſo Pſal. 104. Who laid the
Foundations of the Earth, that it ſhould not be removed for ever:
And Eccleſiaſtes 1. But the Earth abideth for ever: And others
of the like ſenſe.
The ſecond is of thoſe which atteſt the Sun to move, and

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