Foscarini, Paolo Antonio, An epistle to fantoni, 1661

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Revolve about the Earth; as Pſal. 19. (b) In them hath be ſet a

Tabernacle for the Sun, which cometh forth as a Bridegroom out
of his chamber, and rejoyceth as a Gyant to run his Courſe.
cometh forth from the uttermoſt part of the Heaven, and runneth
about unto the end of it again; and there is nothing hid from the
heat thereof. And Eccleſiaſt. 1. The Sun riſeth, and the Sun go-
eth down, and haſteth to the place where be aroſe: it goeth towards
the South, and turneth about unto the North. Whereupon the
Suns Retrogradation is mentioned as a Miracle, Iſaiah 38. The
Sun returned ten degrees. And Eccleſiaſticus 48. In his time the
Sun went backward, and lengthened the life of the King. And
for this reaſon it is related for a Miracle, in the Book of Joſbuah,
that at the Prayers of that great Captain the Sun ſtood ſtill, its
motion being forbidden it, by him: Joſh.10. Sun ſtand thou
ſtill upon Gibeon. Now if the Sun ſhould ſtand ſtill, and the
Earth move about it, its ſtation at that time was no Miracle;
and if Joſhuah had intended, that the light of the day ſhould
have been prolonged by the Suns ſplendour, he would not have
ſaid, Sun ſtand thou ſtill, but rather Earth ſtand thou ſtill.
(b) Or In Sole
poſuit tabernacu-
lum ſuum, accor-
ding to the Tran-
ſlation our Au-
thor followeth.
The third Claſſis is of thoſe Authorities which ſay, that Hea-
ven is above, and the Earth beneath; of which ſort is that place
of Joel, chap. 2. cited by S. Peter, in Acts. 2. I will ſhew wonders
in Heaven above, and ſignes in the Earth beneath, with others of
the like purport.
Hereupon Chriſt at his Incarnation is ſaid to
come down from Heaven; and after his Reſurrection to have aſ-
cended up into heaven. But if the Earth ſhould move about
the Sun, it would be, as one may ſay, in Heaven, and conſe-
quently would rather be above Heaven than beneath it. And
this is confirmed; For that the Opinion which placeth the Sun in
the Centre, doth likewiſe place Mercury above the Sun, and
Venus above Mercury; and the Earth above Venus, together
with the Moon, which revolves about the Earth, and therefore
the Earth, together with the Moon, is placed in the third Heaven.
If therefore in Spherical Bodies, as in the World, beneath ſigni-

fies no more than to be neer to the centre, and above, than to
approach the Circumference, it muſt needs follow, that for ma-
king good of Theological Poſitions concerning the Aſcenſion
and Deſcenſion of Chriſt, the Earth is to be placed in the cen-
tre, and the Sun, with the other Heavens in the Circumference;
and not according to Copernicus, whoſe Hypotheſis inverts this
Order: with which one cannot ſee how the true Aſcenſion and
Deſcenſion can be conſiſtent.
In Spberieall
Bodies, Deorſum
is the Centre, and
Surſum the Cir-
The fourth Claſſis is of thoſe Authorities which make Hell to
be in the Centre of the World, which is the Common Opinion
of Divines, and confirmed by this Reaſon, That ſince Hell (ta­

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