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Bibliotheca Polyglotta

Bibliotheca Polyglotta

The Bibliotheca Polyglotta Library contains:

The BP Library of Arabic texts will contain important Arabic texts that have been translated into other languages. First of all, the Library contains the Qur’an, and even though it is not the proper Qur’an when it is translated, it is still exists in many other languages. The impact of the Qur’an thoughout the Arabic empires and areas of influence is tremendous.

The BP Library of the Biblia will contain the Old Testament in parallel versions in Hebrew, with the Greek Septuaginta, the Latin Vulgata, and the King James Bible versions. Further it will encompass the New Testament in its Greek version, the Latin Vulgata and the King James.

The Bibliotheca Polyglotta Graeca will document the multilingual diffusion of the Greek literature of antiquity to show how the concepts of Greek and Roman thinking historically has influenced thinking in a global context, first in a Latin medium, then Syriac and Arabic, as well as German and French, and then to some extent the whole world.

The Thesaurus Literae Buddhicae (TLB) is a quadrilingual presentation of Buddhist literature sentence by sentence in Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan and English.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is one of the most translated documents ever, and as such its is by necessity part of a context where one intends to display the greatest multilingual texts in history. So far it has been given in its six working languages, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

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