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Collection of Historical Sources on Mathematics

Collection of Historical Sources on Architecture

Collection of Historical Sources on Architecture

Rare Books from the Giusti Private Collection

Rare Books from the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science Library (Selection)

Works included:
Morgagni, Giovanni Battista, Exercitationes Vitrvvianae secvndae : Hoc Est: Io. Baptistae Morgagni ... Epistola, In qua agitur de quodam Vitrvvii loco ad rem Medicam attinente. M. Vitrvvi Pollionis vita conscripta a Bernardino Baldo Vrbinate cvm annotationibvs Ioannis Poleni. Anonymi scriptoris compendivm architectvrae Vitrvvii cvm annotationibvs Ioannis Poleni (1739)
Baldi, Bernardino, Exercitationes Vitrvvianae tertiae : qvarvm titvlos prima post praefationem pagina ostendet, collectae cvra et opera Ioannis Poleni (1741)
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Collection of the Werner Oechslin Library Foundation

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