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Guidobaldo del Monte Archival Collection

Dal Monte, Guidubaldo, Meditatiunculae Guidi Ubaldi ex Marchionibus Montis Sanctae Mariae De Rebus Mathematicis

Tassora, Roberta [ed.]; Frank, Martin [ed.]; Mascellani, Paolo [ed.]; Napolitani, Pier Daniele [ed.], 2010
Collocation: Bibliothèque Nationale de France, ms Lat. 10246

Transcription: Roberta Tassora
Layout: Martin Frank, Paolo Mascellani, Pier Daniele Napolitani

Guidobaldo dal Monte’s manuscript Meditatiunculae offers most interesting insights into his engagement with mathematics, and is usually dated to the period between 1587 and 1593. It contains not only relevant information on the genesis and chronology of several of Guidobaldo's mathematical works, as well as on his modus operandi; moreover, its last pages seem to be closely connected with his scientific collaboration with Galileo Galilei.
Guidobaldo del Monte Archival Collection

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