Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660

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1in the Mines of Wiſdome.
This is all the trouble I ſhall
at preſent give you: Nor ſhall I
need minde thee, if you have a
true guſt for the Book you read,
to have an honor and thankful
regard to the Perſon that has
favor'd us with the Communi­
cation of theſe his Tryals, & is
manifeſtly ſo great a Patron
and Friend to Experimental
Learning, and all true Wiſdom;
for ſhould you fail in this, you
might deſervedly be depriv'd of
ſome other Obſervations on the
ſame ſubject, which the Au­
thor, I heare, has made ſince the
finiſhing of this Treatiſe.
I deſire to be excuſed that I

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