Boyle, Robert, New experiments physico-mechanicall, touching the spring of the air and its effects, 1660

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1common and diſtill'd Water. 182
The 24th Experiment, wherein the inqui­
ry is proſecuted with other Liquors, as with
Sallet Oyl, Oyl of Turpentine, a Solution of
Tartar, Spirit of Vinegar, Red-wine, Milk,
Hen's Eggs, Spirit of Urine, Spirit of
Wine and Water, Spirit of Wine. 187 &c.
The wonderful expanſion of the Spirit of
Wine. 194
The 25th Experiment, touching the ex­
panſion and gravity of the Air under wa­
ter. 195 &c.
The 26th Experiment, touching the Vi­
brations of a Pendulum.
202 &c.
The 27th Experiment, touching the pro­
pagation of ſound: And the Authors inten­
tion of trying ſome other Experiments, for
the further elucidation thereof. 210 &c.
The 28 Experiment, touching the ſudden
cruption of Bubbles from the water, when
the airs preſſure was ſpeedily remov'd. 214
The 29 Experiment, touching the cauſe
of the aſcent of Fumes and Vapors, wherein
'tis prov'd (from the ſeveral motions, which
the Fumes of a ſtrange ſmoaking Liquor, of
the Authors, were obſerv'd to have in the Re­
ceiver, upon the exſuction of the Air) that
the reaſon of their aſcent proceeds from the
gravity of the ambient air, and not from any
poſitive levity of their own. 217 &c.

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